OZLAN Technical Services

Reviews and Testimonials

It was so good to see you both. Thanks again.
Sara & Ted S, Orlando, FL

Zed and Kim came to my home (Convenient)
refered to me by a friend
gave my old laptop an enema (Fixed it)
resolved all issues - IP address conflict, slow speed, bad software, leftover files, router issues, security issues (Performance)
and were out in 2 hours

Jim F, Winter Park, FL

All around nice people
Debbie S, Lake Mary, FL

I have such fun when you come, (except for the frog leg and jelly fish recipes.) I-cloud still says full!! (It's still down-loading???)
Francine G, Lake Mary, FL

This was the best service you could ask for
Bob I, Orlando, FL

What an outstanding team both in expertise and customer relations. Both have outstanding personalities. We look forward to the next time your services will be needed again.
Nancy V, Orlando, FL

Our happy place is having technical equipment installed properly.
Thx Kim and Zed

S & D, Lake Mary, FL

Wonderful to see you both. Thank you for my yearly review!
Elizabeth B, Longwood FL

Zed and Kim. 👍👍
S & D, Lake Mary, FL

Thank you so much for coming out.
Joyce T, Longwood FL

Love you guys!!
Sylvia C, Winter Park, FL

The best
S & D, Lake Mary, FL

Fantastic love ya!
Pat Y, Orlando, FL

Always smiley 😊 Faces
Thank. D and S, Lake Mary, FL

Timeliness, Thoroughness, Customer Service, Quality, Thx you both.
S& D, Lake Mary, FL

Thoroughness, Customer Service, Quality, Timeliness, Great experience, as always.
Ted & Sara S, Orlando, FL

Customer Service, Thoroughness, Timeliness, Quality, Patience.
Francine G, Lake Mary, FL

Quite a team - my thanks - you'll hear from me again for sure.
Anne B, Longwood, FL

Great to see youth as always!
Ted & Sara S, Orlando, FL

Love you guys. Thanks
Sylvia C, Winter Park, FL

KIm is the greatist. She is so patient.
Joyce T, Longwood, FL

Top notch as always.
Robert M, Orlando, FL

In addition to always understanding the problem and fixing it correctly, you manage to suggest and show things I never even thought to ask. That is so helpful! You're the best!
Barbara Y, Orlando, FL

My experience with you both is always EXCELLENT. Thanks.
Albert S, Orlando, FL

Thank you! Have a great weekend; you all deserve a rest. Thanks again Kim for your gift; I shared it with Sophie and she was delighted.
Margaret A, Orlando, FL

You are my Heros!!! Thx so much.
Denise F, Orlando, FL

Thank you Zed and Kim for all your help.I really appreciate all you work, Julia
Julia R, Orlando, FL

Your (Zed and Kim) service was outstanding! I feel like I have a new beginning with my PC. You were on time, thorough, completely knowledgeable, instructive and pleasant. I couldn't have asked for more! Thanks, Bob Coleman.
Bob Coleman, Longwood, FL

I just wanted to let you I hardly get an spams since you fixed my anti-virus. Everything working good.
Jane, Orlando, FL

Outstanding Service!! Sure appreciate your expertise. Working perfectly!! Happy Holidays to you and Kim!!!!
Mary Dell Mattingly, Winter Park, FL

Once again, we in the Orlando Retird Activities Office (RAO) and indeed all military Retirees of Central Florida, are in your debt.
Your magnanimous offer to host our RAO web page has rescued our professional bacon.
When we were unceremoniously dropped from the Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) U.S.Navy web server, the only source of advertising our existence, was terminated.
We very much appreciate your support. Thank you.
Colonel D.L. Stiegman, USMC (Ret), Orlando

Dear Zed and Kim,
Thank you so much for your kind help and generosity. I did get the resume sent tonight and that would not have happened without you. I so appreciate the loan of the computer and will take good care of it. I will use the time wisely to decide what I want to buy. Thank you for your info and advice on that also. If you don't mind, I will probably give you a call before I make any purchase so that I know exactly what to ask for and not be a victim to their sales pitches.
I hope you have a fun 4th of July holiday and many good wishes and blessings to you.
Connie, Winter Park, FL

Helped me figure out what printers to look at based on need. Also help with installation hints.
Kathleen, Winter Park, FL

Zed answered each and every question I asked thoroughly and totally clearly. I will continue to call on this personable professional for all my IT needs.
Matt Reres, Lake Mary, FL

It is a pleasure to have Zed work om my digital gear.... He is prompt,efficient and reasonably priced... an oddity in todays business world. Recommend Zed to all my friends when they have a computer issue.... and they come back and thank me for introducing Zed to them...
Stan, Wekiwa Springs, FL

Zed and Kimberly:
I want to thank you for everything you have done to help me with my computer problems. You have been a great help to me since you started coming to me.
Jane, Orlando, FL

Thanks again for getting us on the right5 path.
Fred & Ruth, Sanford, FL

As usual prompt, punctual, professional service. Zed and Kim are the best!
Tom F, Altomonte Springs

We truly enjoyed meeting you and Kim and appreciate your effort in resolving our problem. We hope to get you more customers that require your outstanding expertise. Happy Holidays.
Wayne & Nacy, Orlando, FL

Thank you so much Zed for not giving up. It is such a thrill to be able to go thru my photos, e-mail, FB, etc. and see everything again. And Kim, for putting up with him getting up in the middle of the night and all your other help.. Love ya both.
Kaye, Orlando, FL

thank you Zed and Kim you are a great team always affordable and on time, I don't know what I would do without you to appreciate you so much all is well so far with my emails, nothing bouncing back to me as of yet and we installed the New storage back up drive today thanks for all you do have a great week.
Denise, Orlando, FL

Everything was done professionally and efficiently. All concerns resolved. I would highly recommend.
Kaaren McGhin, Sorrento, FL

It was so SUPER NICE of you to help me on my new ipad! I know I do probably have some information overload . . . but you really did teach me a whole lot. . .and I am so grateful to you! After you left I felt badly that I hadn't even offered you something to drink, much less something to eat when you were here right thru lunch time!! Hope you'll forgive me - and I will surely try to do better in the future. With very much appreciation,
Rosie, Orlando, FL

Thanks very much for recovery what I thought was a DEAD LAPTOP. I had given up hope and Zed was able to recover all data for a minimal cost.
Judith, Celebration, FL

U r da man. Don't know what I'd do without your help. Plus you're a coffee geek like me. Thanks.
Bill C, Winter Park, FL

as usual your service was impeccable. thank you very much.
Jim, Orlando, FL

Zed and Kimberly:
Thank you so much for bringing me another computer. I really like it and it is so much brighter than the other one.
I am sure I will enjoy using it and thank you for coming out this morning and helping me out with my problem. Everything seems to be working just find now. Bobby said he is going to try using it and maybe he won't get headaches. It seems to be better on the neck, I don't have it to lift my neck up so much.
Jane, Orlando, FL

Thanks for your help today! It is a blessing to be able to use my keyboard again!
Fran, Orlando, FL

So far so good. I have had it connected for 4 hours without an issue. I am wondering which of the things you changed did the trick. Thanks so much again. I really appreciate it.
Sheila, Lake Mary, FL

Much needed update. Zed and Kim were accurate, thorough, pleasant and rapid. I want them again whenever I have a problem with our PC or iPad. Thanks so much!
Bob Coleman, Longwood, FL

You guys never disappoint. So happy in are in my life.
Judith, Lake Mary

Thank you ZED; You saved the day!!!!!!
Charlie, Winter Park, FL

I appreciated you coming immediately to solve my problem... Thank you!
Mariana W, Winter Pak, FL

Thank you thank you both for all the clean up necessary to get me back to ‘normal’!!!!! So nice to know all the background rubbish has been eliminated. I went onto the State far website to get the telephone number and just for the sake of it, attempted one more time to log in............................... Logged in perfectly!!!!! I shall be spreading ‘the Ozlan name’ for sure.
Em & Tootsi, Altamonte Springs

Zed and his assistant are what anyone with computer questions or problems need. They have been there for me always. I have used their services for over 3 years. I highly recommend them. They will make your relationship with your computer excellent.
Alexandra, Winter Park

Zed, you rock. You take care of me and everyone I recommend you to. Keep up the good work!
Steve, Maitland

People who are friends and not merely those to help with computer problems.
Joel, Lake Mary, FL

thank you kim and ZED I will continue to refer you both to my friends and or clients as you two rock always on time, always affordable and always pleasant appreciate you both I hope the new year brings you both continued success in your company and continued love in your personal life see you soon
Denise F, Orlando, FL

Thank you so much for your time and effort today! I feel very fortunate
that I met you both! Hope to speak to you soon!
Billie, Maitland FL

Zed and Kim give the best service! They are always available when I need their support!
Ann R, Lake Mary FL

Zed and Kim are the dynamic duo. Professional, personable, and exceptional in every respect. I will call on OZLAN for all my IT needs. You should too!
Matt R, Lake Mary, FL

Zed and Kim solved an IT problem for me that technicians with HP and Microsoft were unsuccessful with in resolving. I discovered that these dynamic duo are entirely professional, but more importantly, they are competent, courteous, and thorough. They explained exactly what my IT problem was, what they would do to resolve the problem, and then they resolved it. I will call on OZLAN for all my future IT issues and I recommend to everyone this outstanding company.
Matt R, Lake Mary

I was very impressed and appreciated all the information I was given!! Thank you, thank you!
Anonymous, Orlando, FL

Thanks for a great lesson, great learning, great fun.
Mary Ann, Casselberry, FL

Zed was able to achieve in one hour what 3 other technicians could not achieve in 9 hours. Job well done, highly recommended and very affordable rates. Thanks Zed & Kim, I appreciate it.
Burt, Winter Park, FL

Again it was nice to see you and Kim, and again as usual you provided us with your outstanding service. You continue to amaze us with professional ability to know and understand computers. Keep it up. Hope you and Kim have an outstanding Christmas and New Year.
Wayne and Nancy V, Orlando, FL

Thank you for your expertise and the excellent work you did to repair my computer.
Maureen B, Winter Park, FL

Good morning Zed:
You did a great job on my laptop. All problems seem to be gone. All apps working great. Old programs still working. Internet Explorer working well. Boot time cut in half (59 sec now). I really appreciate your work. Thank you so much.
Larry, Orlando

should have called you in the first place. service outstandng as usual. see you friday.
Tom F, Altamonte Springs, FL