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Printing a Selection in macOS

Printing a selection of a page is straight forward in Windows, but a little trickier to accomplish on a Mac. Once this skill has been mastered you will find it far more powerful than printing a selection in Windows. Follow the steps below and practice it a few times:
  1. Command P to open the print dialog.
  2. Select the PDF button at the bottom of the dialog:
  3. Select "Open page in Preview".
  4. Tools > Rectangular Selection to bing up the selection tool.
  5. With the Preview selection tool, select the area you wish to print.
  6. Command K to crop the page to the selection.
  7. Command P to open the print dialog.

Sounds tricky, but it achieves the task, and once practiced a few times it becomes easy and only a few seconds to accomplish.
You can also save the cropped Preview pages for printing later.
You can also combine a group of cropped pages for printing them on fewer sheets of paper.