OZLAN Technical Services

Speed up and improve iOS on iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPad Pro and iPod touch

Almost all of these changes are done in the Settings app, and are located under the Accessibility option in General settings.
Enable Larger Type: This is particularly useful on non-retina devices, as it makes the thin font of iOS infinitely more readable.
Enable Bold Text: Again, this makes the text far easier to read in all conditions.
Enable Increased Contrast: This option helps with the readability of text and other UI elements throughout the OS. It also removes the blurred glass effect, increasing performance of Notification and Control Center.
Enable Reduced Motion: This removes the animations found throughout iOS, and replaces them with simple crossfades. The result is something that doesn’t look particularly interesting, but results in what appears to be faster performance on older devices. It also removes the parallax effect, meaning that the GPU and CPU are under less load.
The nuclear option to achieve better performance is to restore the device, and set it up as a brand new product. This removes any old or discarded code left on your device from past updates and apps. This can be done either directly on the device, through Settings>General>Reset>Erase All Content and Settings and then not restoring from an iCloud backup, or through iTunes, but to set the device up as new.