OZLAN Technical Services

OS X Mavericks Wireless Diagnostics

Option Click on the Wi-Fi icon in menu bar > Open Wireless Diagnostics
Under 'Window' in the menu bar, go to the 'Utilities' option.
'Wi-Fi Scan, tab > 'Scan Now'
Connection Problems
Fix #1- Add a new network & renew DHCP.
System Preferences > Network
Under 'Location' drop down choose 'Edit Locations' > + > Give it a NAME > Done > Apply.
Join network if not already joined.
Network > Advanced > TCP/IP tab > make sure 'Configure IPv4' is using DHCP.
'Renew DHCP Lease' > APPLY > Click OK and close System Preferences.
Fix #2- Change MTU Size to Prevent Dropped Connections.
System Preferences > Network > Advanced > 'Hardware' tab
Pull down the 'Configure' drop down and change from 'Automatically' to 'Manually'.
Change 'MTU' to 'Custom' and set to '1453'
Click 'OK' and close System Preferences.

Last Resort
Fix Stubborn Wi-Fi Problems by Deleting Preference Files
Pull down Wi-Fi menu and turn Wi-Fi off.
From any Finder windows, hit Command+Shift+G to bring up 'Go To Folder' and enter the following path:
Locate the following files and copy them to the desktop for a backup, then delete them from the /SystemConfiguration/ folder:
Empty the Trash and reboot the Mac.
Turn Wi-Fi back on from the Wi-Fi menu and join you preferred network as usual.