OZLAN Technical Services

Which WebMail system should I use?

KNZ Hosting offer 3 different flavors of WebMail

Login at: https://www.knzhosting.com/webmail
horde: Best for old cellular devices, phones, wap capable etc.
**roundcube: Best for desktop operating systems.
SquirrelMail: Best for Tablets/Mobile devices and desktop systems (has the most features including: calendar, todo lists, notes, filtering).
**recommended, also good for tablets

How can I change my WebMail Password?

Login at: https://www.knzhosting.com/webmail
From this location you will be able to:
  • Change Password
  • Setup 'Auto Responders'
  • Configure Mail Client
  • Email Filtering
  • Email Trace

You will also be able to Enable/Disable the automatic loading of your chosen WebMail Interface.